This guitar arrived in the laboratory with the non-original back, probably replaced due to a break.

The back in question had been made with an unsuitable wood and without reinforcement chains. The result of this previous reworking was the deformation of the harmonic case, the guitar was no longer able to support the tension exerted by the strings.

A replacement was needed and replacement was made!

This operation is a real adventure, it is a delicate job, you have to restore the shape and structure of the case trying to return the various components of the instrument to their place and above all the handle must return to its place to preserve the original set-up of the guitar.

As you can see from the photographs, the operations carried out have been many.

The inappropriate back was removed with the help of a hand milling machine and the original kerfing were removed.

The instrument was put back into a template to regain its original shape.

The linings, the back and the chains were built from scratch.

The plastic thread has obviously been redone.

Sides and back have been repainted.

The optimal result has been achieved, the guitar has recovered its original position.

A guitar destined for the landfill is back to play!